Niantic Bay Scallops

NBSF will be selling native Niantic Bay Scallops late Fall of 2018.  We have advanced  our scheduled release of this product by three years!  Currently, NBSF operates a private hatchery that enables use to selectively spawn and raise Native Scallops.  With the foundation laid, it is clear that such a significant resource will undoubtedly be a great step toward the most aggressive attempt to revive this species to date.


NBSF has been taking steps to contribute to solving this sixty-five-year-old mystery of the near extinction of the Niantic Bay Scallop. During the 1950's, Niantic Bay's scallop population plunged to next to nothing regardless of actions taken by local agencies and concerned citizens.  Reseeding in the 90's and early 2000's proved to be unsuccessful in reviving the population for good. Efforts to revive the population continue to this day and NBSF is committed to ensuring their success.


Furthermore, it is well known in the seafood industry that the bay scallops produced in Niantic Bay are simply the best.  So let the anticipation build because we are committed to ensuring that by next year, it will be possible for you to try out Niantic Bay Scallops for yourself!

Juvenile Niantic Bay Scallops winter of 2015-2016

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