This is the real deal - a true New England grown Easter Oyster that your taste buds will thank you for indulging in.


Plump, sweet and buttery yet briny with an oh-so-crisp sweet finish!  While our oysters are great served many ways, on the half-shell and just a few chews unlocks the full power of our oysters' flavor!


Niantic Bay Oysters are grown exclusively in Niantic Bay.  This moderately protected bay is located on the Connecticut coastline and is part of Long Island Sound.  With an ideal combination  of incredible water flow and nutrients passing through the bay every tidal cycle, our oysters take on the pure terroir of the bay and the greater Atlantic ocean.  Our market size oysters range from 3" to 3.5" and are conditionally available year-round.  Buying farm-direct ensures the freshest product possible.

1 Dozen Oysters