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Woman eating oyster in Neptune Park New London

Fresh, Indulgent, Ocean-Grown Oysters.

The Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm Difference
In a market flooded with fried and low-quality seafood, consumers are desperate for fresh, locally sourced shellfish.  At Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm we are proud to grow the finest products available. This is backed by our Pristine Product Promise. 

What makes our shellfish stand out?
Each of our shellfish is handled about 50 times before going to market to ensure we are providing the most pristine product available. Our oysters have a hard shell and deep cup. The location of our farm provides our shellfish with incredible water flow and ample nutrients with every tidal cycle. Our oysters take on the pure terroir of the bay and the greater Atlantic ocean. The meat of the oyster is plump, sweet and buttery yet briny with an oh-so-crisp sweet finish! While our oysters are great served many ways, on the half-shell and just a few chews unlocks the full power of our oysters' flavor! Our oysters are enjoyed by shellfish connoisseurs and have been known to convert oyster skeptics into oyster lovers. To learn more about our shellfish, visit "Our Shellfish."


"Nicest people in the world! My taste buds went ballistic when I tried their delicious oysters!"

Growing the most pristine shellfish while restoring our river and giving back to our community.

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