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Meet the Team

Allison Londregan

Allison Londregan, Director of Sales and Marketing, handles all the consumer sales, public relations, and marketing efforts here at Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm. Allison came onto the team for the 2020 season. She has been a classroom teacher for five years and is an entrepreneur running a wedding planning and coordination company. Allison graduated from Emmanuel College with a B.A. in Business Management and minors in English Communication, Media Studies, and Organizational Leadership. Her sales and marketing acumen have allowed her to build and grow her own and others' businesses. In her time off the clock, Allison enjoys reading, hanging out with her dog Gryffindor, paddle-boarding, searching out new adventures, and traveling the world. Allison is family-oriented, creative, and driven to bring an awareness of the benefit aquaculture has on the environment to the greater community. With five years in education and twelve years in customer service, Allison is excited to engage with the community and help grow Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm’s presence in Niantic and beyond.

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