Timothy Londregan III (TJ)- Founder & Owner


TJ grew up on the waters of Niantic Bay lobstering with his late grandfather David Waddington.  Nearing graduation from Saint Michaels College, Winooski VT, TJ recalled an article he read in high school about aquaculture, the farming of aquatic species.  With his passion for Niantic Bay and his desires to sustainably produce a product with a low carbon footprint, he began to research aquaculture.  It soon became apparent that if he wanted to produce an eco-friendly product while enhancing the environment shellfish aquaculture was the way to responsibly pursue his entrepreneurial spirit.


Upon graduation, he sought employment on Fishers Island Oyster Farm (FIOF).  From 2013 to 2016 TJ spent his time learning the art of growing oyster from Steve and Sarah Malinowski.  From handling market oysters, seed oyster, growing algae, spawning broodstock in the hatchery and screening hundreds of millions of juvenile oysters TJ sought to learn it all. 


While working for the Malinowski's on Fishers Island, TJ began the arduous process of leasing and acquiring the many permits for his farm.  In April of 2016, Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm became a reality as TJ left his full-time position at FIOF and seeded his own farm. 


Without the support of his family, wife, and industry partners, TJ realizes his dream would not have been achieved in such a timely manner.  For this, he thanks all those who have helped and supported him along the way.  You too can help support his dream of a sustainable, eco-friendly small business aimed at producing pristine products; buy the freshest and best- NIANTIC BAY SHELLFISH!

Ryan Londregan- Chief Farm Hand


The brother (younger brother) of TJ, Ryan is currently a student at Saint Michaels College who played an instrumental role in establishing Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm in the summer of 2016.  Never complaining about grinding fiberglass, pulling two hundred pound cages by hand, with a broken wrist, or putting in twelve hour days, he is committed to seeing his brother's aquaculture adventure succeed.

Who ever said a throne of 21,000 oysters was uncomfortable happened to be correct


Ryan rocking Guy Cottons and a Grundens cap- can anyone say protege?

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