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Weddings and Private Events

Elevate your next event with a raw bar from Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm. We know planning a wedding is stressful so we help streamline that process with easy booking and transparent pricing. 

How many oysters should you order?

We recommend about three oysters per person. Some guests will not partake but there are always a few who stick around the raw bar most of the evening

What else is included?

We include three of our favorite sauces, cocktail, jalapeño mignonette, and a shallot peppercorn mignonette as well as sliced lemons, ice, plates, and cocktail napkins.

Do you accept special requests?

Yes! If you have a favorite sauce you would like included we can absolutely accommodate that. We also work closely with Flanders Fish and are able to provide shrimp or other shellfish for your raw bar at an additional cost.

What will this cost and how long do you stay?

Our raw bars require a minimum order of 150 oysters at $3.00 an oyster. This cost includes the oysters, accompaniments, travel within a 20 mile radius, and a staff member to shuck the oysters until they are gone. Once the pre-purchased number of oysters runs out we discreetly pack up and leave.


Call for more information (860) 739-6273

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