The Products

Every product with the NBSF name is guaranteed to please and satisfy.  Every single shellfish and item offered is defined by our Pristine Product Promise, if we wouldn't serve it to our family and friends we simply won't serve it.  Below are the products which we currently offer, or will be offering in the very near future.  To browse further, obtain more information or to order a product please click on the product picture below.

Niantic Bay Oysters
Niantic Bay Scallops

Grown in Niantic Bay, these oysters define the purity of the Atlantic Ocean, they are the pinnacle of any oyster connoisseurs indulgence. Order yours today!

If you lived during the 1930's - 1950's you know the global fame of the Niantic Bay Scallop.  No other bay scallop fetched a higher price and no other bay scallop was as tasty or plump.  NBSF is planning to revive this delectable morsel within a few years.

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