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Our Shellfish

Our Oysters

A true New England grown Easter Oyster that your taste buds will thank you for indulging in.


Plump, sweet and buttery yet briny with an oh-so-crisp sweet finish.  While our oysters are great served many ways, on the half-shell with just a few chews unlocks the full power of our oysters' flavor! 

Niantic Bay Oysters are grown exclusively in the Niantic Bay.  This moderately protected bay is located on the Connecticut coastline and is part of Long Island Sound.  With an ideal combination  of incredible water flow and nutrients passing through the bay every tidal cycle, our oysters take on the pure terroir of the bay and the greater Atlantic ocean. 


Our market size oysters range from 3" to 3.5" and are conditionally available year-round.  Buying farm-direct ensures the freshest product possible.

two dozen Niantic Bay Oysters
Our Scallops
Naintic Bay Scallop Open

Currently, NBSF operates a private hatchery that enables us to selectively spawn and raise Native Scallops. With the foundation laid, it is clear that this will be the most aggressive attempt to revive this species to date.


Our Scallops first went to market in Fall 2018 and are expected to be available seasonally each fall and winter.


NBSF has been taking steps to contribute to solving the sixty-five-year-old mystery of the near extinction of the Niantic Bay Scallop. During the 1950's, Niantic Bay's scallop population plunged to next to nothing regardless of actions taken by local agencies and concerned citizens.  Reseeding in the 90's and early 2000's proved to be unsuccessful in reviving the population for good. Efforts to revive the population continue to this day and NBSF is committed to ensuring the success of these efforts


It is widely accepted in the seafood industry that the bay scallops produced in Niantic Bay are simply the best. So let the anticipation build because we are committed to ensuring that it will be possible for you to try out Niantic Bay Scallops for yourself each fall!

Pristine Product Promie

NBSF promises to only deliver and supply the most Pristine Products Possible.  From the beginning of the growing process, until the bitter end, there is no greater promise we can make to you than this: "We at NBSF uphold to manage, oversee, and engage in methods that not only guarantee a safe product, but one of uncompromising quality; a product which we proudly serve to our closest friends, families, and clients."


Our products are harvested on demand and are expedited to the client within 36 hours of pulling the product from the water.  All of our products are pulled, washed, immediately chilled in an ice slurry, hand sorted/culled, and packed with appropriate coolants to ensure temperature control over the product.  This process is HACCP approved and meets the highest of industry standards, you can be guaranteed that the product you receive is as fresh as, if not fresher than, anything on the market today.

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