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Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm Shellfish Tag on bag of oysters


We recognize that there are questions about our farm, its effect on the river, and our plans for expansion. We hope that  the information here will answer some of those questions. Please feel free to contact us with any questions not addressed here. 

Where can I purchase your shellfish?

Our shellfish are available at many local restaurants, choose the dining experience you are after from our list of restaurants currently offering our shellfish as a menu item. If you are looking to take shellfish home with you, you can buy Farm Direct our market or one of our retail partners. Looking for a raw bar at your private event or wedding? We can do that too! For a full list of where to find our shellfish see "Find Our Shellfish." 

I'm a restaurant owner and would like to serve your shellfish, how does this work?

We would be happy to supply your patrons with our fresh, local shellfish. We personally deliver shellfish to all of our local accounts each Wednesday. Expect to receive a call from owner, Tim Londregan, each Monday to take your order for the week. To begin sourcing our shellfish call Allison at (860) 739-6273 or email her at

I'd like to have a raw bar at my private event, can you help with this?

Absolutely! We love having the opportunity to serve our shellfish personally. Visit our "Weddings & Private Events" page for more information or contact us directly by phone or by submitting an inquiry.

Won't your farm produce odors? 

The odor produced by our farm is no different than that coming from the pilings on the hundreds of docks that surround the lower Niantic River. As shellfish lovers know, the scent of a healthy specimen is reminiscent of sea and the salt water in which it was raised, there is nothing fishy about the smell at all. Learn more about our shellfish here.

I've heard that your operation will cause hazards to navigation in the river, is that true?

All of our plans have been, and continue to be, reviewed by Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection Boating Safety Division to ensure that our operation does not negatively impact safe boating. All of our operations are located well outside of the federally designated channel. 

Will your operation increase bird populations and create a mess? 

All of our shellfish are grown inside of racks that are unable to be penetrated by birds. This means that birds are unable to grab and drop shellfish from our operation on our own or other adjacent properties. We do not feed birds from our location. Birds have figured this out and do not congregate at our operation. As with any structures on the water, birds will occasionally sit on our property.

At low tide will we be able to see your operation? 

This question is in regards to our future plans to have a grow out location in the river and does not refer to the location we currently occupy in the Niantic Bay. It is possible that a very low tide will enable you to see the tops of our racks peeking out from the water. Our racks are 15 inches tall so unless the water drops below this level you will not see them above the water. In the event of an extreme low tide, our racks would be visible for less than 6 hours. Due to tide schedules, this occurrence has a fairly strong probability of occurring after dark.

Why should Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm get rights to use public space for a business?

There are a host of benefits, not only to the community but also for the environment, that our farm creates. See Doing Our Part for more information on this. Currently, there are roughly 30 acres of docks and 25+ acres of moorings in Waterford waters alone. Marinas on the river shut down recreational shellfishing in Area B for the majority of the year. Our farm filters millions of gallons of water per year, this filtering means that the waters will be cleaner. Additionally, because we are subject to strict regulation, our farm may be able to help secure additional testing samples that would justify earlier recreational shellfish season openings. 

Can we come and visit your operation? 

Yes, we welcome anyone to come visit our operation anytime we are on the water! We would be happy to explain the benefits that our operation provides to the environment and how we are working towards producing the best shellfish possible. For general questions stop by our market on Fridays and Saturdays. If you want the chance to get Down and Dirty, come partake in one of our farm tours.

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