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The Farm

Located in the Niantic Bay.

Simply put, there is no better site for growing a true New Engalnd oyster.

From Nothing to Something

At heart, those who work in the aquaculture field are farmers.  In order to farm and deliver the highest quality shellfish possible, we at NBSF work our crop year round.  This time and labor intensive process begins with next to nothing and ends with beautiful, clean, and succulent shellfish. 


In line with the true mentality of farmers, we take great pleasure in raising something from nothing.  It is this pleasure that leads us to be very proud of each and every oyster we ship.  Everything we ship is inspected for quality assurance, follows the most stringent guidelines regulating the shellfish industry and meets our personal Pristine Product Promise so that you can be sure your shellfish are of the highest quality.


 The Beginning

Take a look into the founder's journey towards realizing his dream - a sustainable, low impact, aquaculture operation.



The Team

As the farm grows, so does the team, each bringing their individual talents and personalities to create a positive and fun culture.

Doing Our Part

If you cannot make it out to join us for a tour, this should wet your thirsty pallet for more visceral information.

There is more to NBSF as a company than the bottom line.  Learn how NBSF is facilitating the cleansing and rejuvenation of our local eco-system!

Schedule a Tour!

Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm now offers private tours!

Click here for details and to reserve your spot on the boat.

Schedule a Tour
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