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The Facts

While I do not believe that controversy should be handled online, at points it becomes necessary to disseminate information, or to rebuke misleading and inaccurate information via this platform.  I, Tim Londregan, the owner of Niantic Bay Shellfish Farm, will always have my name on all plans, products and discourse, I do not hide behind anonymity, if you have a question, concern or comment, all my contact information is listed and you can find me at many public meetings both in Waterford and East Lyme CT.  It is with regret that I have been forced published the following information under "THE FACTS." I believe in difference of opinion, I believe in fair discourse, what I do not believe in are smear campaigns and inaccurate information lobbed against myself, my company, and my family.  To attempt to defraud realities so as to exclude any individual from building a sound and sustainable business within CT is inappropriate.  To misrepresent facts is inappropriate.  Many times have I spoken with those who are the perpetrators of these principles, it seems that these individuals have concluded that the law regarding aquaculture is not supportive of their claims and thus have renewed their fear mongering campaign.  Many of the documents I have prepared rebutting inaccurate claims or proposing new ideas are available online via the Town websites, the following dialogue will be brief and to the point. 

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