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What is a CSA? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. For farmers, money flow goes in seasons. When we have to spend money is often when our incoming cash flow is low. By purchasing a CSA you prepay for your oysters at a great rate and help us sustain our business!


Our CSA buys you 10 dozen oysters for just $100 dollars, that's a $50 savings! The best part? You can pick up your oysters a dozen or two at a time throughout 2021 and renew as many times as needed!


Pick up your oysters in style with one of our new cooler totes!


If this is a gift, please include the recipients name and email address in the notes so we can add them to our system and make them a gift certificate!


If you run into any issues placing your order please call/text (860) 739-6273 or send us an email at


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